Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky is one of my favourite modern artists. I adore his art and I can stare at a piece for hours and hear music coming from it. I loose myself in the colours, shapes and composition. Kandinsky is said to have synaesthesia which meant he could see colours when he listened to music. He […]

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My Art Tuition with Neil Hague

I decided to invest in myself and take private one to one art sessions with Neil Hague. I wanted to improve my techniques and also learn how to get the ideas inside my head out onto paper. Neil Hague is an established artist, illustrator and author. I am a big believer that if you are […]

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Rabbit Daubings

rabbit sketch on quilted background

Fabric scraps hand-stitched sketch. I talked in an earlier blog post about the importance of keeping a journal for ideas. This is from my journal of ideas and inspirations. Sometimes even the most basic rabbit daubings can take on a life all of their own. This was a rough sketch of a rabbit onto a […]

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Inspiration And How It Finds Me

Girl holding the planets in her hand

When I’m looking for inspiration for a piece of art I have many places that I call on for help. Want Versus Need If I “need” to create a piece of work my mind tends to become analytical. I look at it with the same mind I would approach a problem. For me, I can’t […]

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Mr Spock Mosaic Quilt

Mr Spoc Mosaic

I am a massive Star Trek fan but having said that I only like the original series. I am crazy about Captain Kirk, he’s a hero of mine. I had a bit of a crush on him. I also love Mr Spock for his unintentional dry sense of humour, his comical astonishment at the way […]

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How a River Reflects A Perfect World

Swan on the river

Going With The Flow Of A River I get a lot of creating inspiration while being outside. I’m sitting by a river as I write this. A river moves constantly. This is the natural order of things. If it stopped, it would eventually become stagnant. It’s the same with us. To function properly, our energy […]

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