The Magician and His Mastery

The Magician pulling rabbit out of a hat

After journeying as The Fool, who accepted the unknown with open-hearted curiosity, The Magician now stands ready to manifest his desires. This card inspires you to take control of your circumstances and actively pursue your aspirations, transforming your ideas into action. It is a wonderful reminder that great ideas, no matter how brilliant, require action to come to fruition.

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The Fool And His Journey Begins

Ryder Waite Tarot cards

The Fool card in the tarot symbolises a fresh start, representing endless possibilities and new beginnings. The card symbolises a blank canvas full of unlimited options, ready for you to bring into existence through your will. The Fool reminds us of the importance of moving on from the past and fills us with excitement for what lies ahead.

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Preserving Sanity Amidst Global Chaos

The constant barrage of global crises, shifting narratives, and social movements has created disorientation. Each new event, whether it was the pandemic, political turmoil, or societal upheaval, seemed to erase the impact of the previous one. It’s become increasingly difficult to pinpoint when specific things happened or to recall the order of events.

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Inner Validation The Power Within

Inner validation of the self

In a recent episode of Hocus Focus, I talked about my rereading the Harry Potter book series. This set me thinking a lot about the insights we can gain from our experiences of navigating a world that may not fully understand or appreciate our perspectives, much like the characters in the books who also live in a world that does not share their magical perceptions and way of life.

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High Strangeness A Plenty In The New Hocus Focus Book

High Strangeness Ahoy! Thomas Sheridan and I have been collaborating on a book to complement our show Hocus Focus: Merging Forteana, Hauntology, and High Strangeness. This book aims to provide our readers with a unique fortean perspective on life. It explores well-known cases from a deeper angle. We look into the concept of hauntology, looking […]

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Hocus Focus Happy 1st Birthday

Hocus Focus logo

Hocus Focus is one year old!! So get ready as we emerge from our mid-season break on Sunday, 21st January 2024, with an all-new, improved production. A New Look Hocus Focus is the popular Sunday night YouTube show that attracts people interested in high strangeness. My co-host, Thomas Sheridan, and I put in a lot […]

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