A Mystical Revival from the Misty Moors of Wuthering Nights

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Hey Fortean Thinkers!

Rollercoaster of Life and Blogging

Long time no blog! It’s almost 2024 and I know it’s been a hot minute since I last popped up on the blogosphere. I owe you all an explanation. Life has been a rollercoaster lately, filled with twists and turns. Hocus Focus has taken off in ways that I could only imagine when it began in January 2023. I remember that first broadcast and I was so nervous. The day before that recording was spent fretting and worrying. Then fretting and worrying again when it first aired incase people didn’t like it. There was no need to worry though because people love the show. I was a complete newbie to YouTube when Hocus Focus started. Since then I feel I have come on leaps and bounds and now have no nervousness about being on camera.

So, why the radio silence on here? Well it’s mainly due to juggling work, family, and a few other unexpected commitments. So the blog had to take a back seat for a while. But fear not, my fellow critical thinkers and lovers of the bizarre—I’m back, and more excited than ever to write and share paranormal and occult subjects! I can’t imagine my life without these things in it. Occult philosophy, magick, paranormal experiences and a fortean mindset have trained me and set me up with a tool box for life that I believe has been invaluable especially in light of the last three years.

Exciting News and Adventures

Now on to some exciting news. I’m over the moon to announce that my good friend and fellow Hocus Focus host, Thomas Sheridan, and I launch our long awaited book next year. Throughout 2023 we put our heads and pens together to bring you a literary adventure all about embracing a more Fortean mindset. It’s a fusion of our shared passion for the unexplained and our open-minded curiosity. It’s been a hell of ride to complete it and we are now in the final stages and can’t wait to share it with you. The book is set to launch next year, and trust me when I say it’s going to be nothing short of extraordinary. We are also currently in talks about making an event of the launch. So please watch this space. I’m very excited about becoming a published author and I already have plans for another book after this launch.

Embracing the Weird and Wonderful in 2024

For those of you who’ve been with me on this somewhat sporadic blog from the beginning, I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. You’re the reason I’m dusting off the keyboard and jumping back into the blogosphere with a renewed enthusiasm. Your emails, comments, and shared experiences fuel my curiosity and keep my inner blog fire burning. Not only that but this blog is an important part of my writing journey, a place to hone my craft and provide practise and opportunities for improvement. I’d also like it to become an archive, something to look back on from the precipice of my progress as a writer.

When I get busy it’s always my website that seems to get neglected. I need to take steps to prevent that happening in the future because one of my aims is to transform my website into the hub of my online presence. But that’s unlikely to happen if I don’t take more care of it though. So I’ve put myself on a formal warning to start prioritising it. I’ve had a website overhaul, getting rid of some articles that need improvement and made it much easier to navigate.

Thinking about the Impact of AI on Online Content Creation

Another reason I’ve been less active in blogging is the pervasive use of AI on websites these days. That also initially discouraged me. However, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s a need for more blog sites with genuine, heartfelt content, as opposed to being driven by AI content creators.

I have a passion for creative writing, and to be honest, I was worried that writing in a creative non-fiction style might result in a piece resembling an AI-generated prompt. But know this dear readers, my writing is an authentic expression of my thoughts. I’ve come to the realisation the distinctiveness of my voice easily distinguishes it from soulless AI-generated content. While I am guilty of indulging in verbosity, rest assured it’s a reflection of me and my style, not the mechanical ramblings of an AI chatbot.

Anyhow that is enough of the excuses. Here’s to a fresh start for 2024. I’m about to take my blog back into the weird and wonderful, and this time, it’s for the long haul.

Stay curious,

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If you enjoy fortean and occult topics don’t forget to check out Hocus Focus with myself and Thomas Sheridan every Sunday night on YouTube at 8pm UK/Irish time.

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