My Journey Into The World & Sound And Vision

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Unleashing the Audio Alchemist

It’s a sunny day outside, but my mind is currently filled with a different kind of adventure and I want to take a moment to share my plans with you. This summer break, while others may be lounging on the beach or jetting off to exotic destinations, I’ve decided to dedicate my time mastering sound and vision. It’s a path less traveled, but one that calls out to me with an irresistible fascination.

Mastering Sound and Vision

In the coming months and beyond because I think this is something where you never stop learning. I’ll be throwing myself into studying. I’m great with basic cuts and transitions but I’m now ready to go on to more advanced effects. I’m also studying audio and foley, so I can learn to manipulate sounds to enhance storytelling and create an immersive experience. I have to admit I’m both excited and nervous because there’s so much to learn. I know there will be moments of frustration and self-doubt, snot and tears. But I also know that these are the moments when growth happens.

My aim is to be able to create high quality videos that go beyond the realm of mere visuals. I’m learning to paint with sound and how to use every footstep, whisper, and gust of wind to summon up a symphony of emotions within the viewer.

Embracing My Blog And Moving Beyond Social Media Giants

To document my progress and share my thoughts, I decided to use the diary section of my blog. It feels more personal and intimate, and I think it’s a better way to connect with my subscribers. I’ve also made the decision to open up the comments on my blog. This is because I’d much rather interact with my readers on my own platform than feed Mark Zuckerberg’s empire on Facebook.

Unlike social media platforms, where posts easily get lost in a constant stream, my blog’s diary section offers a more permanent space for me to express my thoughts and experiences. It’s a place where I can write freely and openly, without the constraints of censorship or algorithmic filters.

Reclaiming Control

While Facebook offers wider reach, I believe maintaining control over my content. Engaging with readers on my own platform is more important. Also, by documenting myself on my blog, I’m taking– albeit–a small but honest stand against the dominance of Facebook. Instead of contributing to their vast ecosystem, I prefer to build my own blog. So if you’re wondering why I’m not as active on FB–it’s because chances are I’m spending more time here.

So, here’s to the summer break and the rest of the year. May it be filled with mastering sound and vision, discovery, experimentation and the pursuit of passions. May the good ship “Sound And Vision” lead me to uncharted territories of creativity. Where I’m free to create stories that captivate and inspire. I’ll certainly crack open a bottle of champagne to that and I hope you’ll join me.

With excitement and determination,

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If you enjoy fortean and occult topics don’t forget to check out Hocus Focus with myself and Thomas Sheridan. Every Sunday night on YouTube at 8pm UK/Irish time.

Digital audio software for professional video editing and audio manipulation for story telling.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your new content. Good luck in your new ventures.

  2. Thank you, I figured if I put the same effort into building my blog and channel as I did scrolling on Facebook then I could probably move mountains 🙂

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