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Life Immersed In Art

I love to create art using various mixed media and styles. My inspiration comes from the simple things around me, and I am on a constant mission to seek the beauty in as many things as possible. If I am feeling good, I’m an open channel for creative ideas to flow through.

I believe art is a gift given to us at a soul level that allows us to remember where we came from and who we are. It allows us to communicate our imagination through symbols and pictures into this physical reality. Imagination is the bridge that allows us to reach into the no-thing and search all possibilities. It breaks through boundaries and restrictions placed upon us. So it enables us to travel from this world and into other levels of consciousness.

Through art, the heart, the hand and the pen come together as one to create something that is literally out of this world.

As well as creating, I also love to grow my own fruit & vegetables. I like to learn about homesteading. I’m lucky to be situated just on the verge of the Etherow Valley. So I get to be outside in nature, chat with the nature spirits, relax with the river and feel nature’s energy recharge me.

Welcome to my creative space where I can showcase my work and capture moments of inspiration. You can also find me on Facebook

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My Mission

To help inspire others to live a more heart-centred, creative life. By Encouraging others not to fear the hidden artist within but to nurture it. Treat it as you would a child learning. Continually encourage your inner artist to break free and express itself. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, wonky lines or making a mess. You’d be amazed at what comes out when you take the pressure off and just be in the moment. Paint and draw as though nobody is watching! It’s liberating.

The world is a beautiful place; it takes a little effort and change of perspective to find it nowadays. Beauty is there. Imagination is the key to opening doors to a colourful world a million miles away from the grey and mundane. Let’s do this!