About me

I love to create textile art using various mixed media and styles. My inspiration comes from the simple things around me, and I am on a constant mission to seek the beauty in as many things as possible. If I am feeling good I’m an open channel for creative ideas to flow through.

As well as creating visual and written work, I love to grow my own fruit & vegetables, and I like to learn about homesteading. I’m lucky to be situated just on the verge of the Etherow Valley. So I get to be outside in nature, chat with the nature spirits, relax with the river and feel nature’s energy recharge me.

I created this website to showcase my work and capture moments of inspiration by writing about them in my blog.

My Mission

To inspire others to turn their inspirations into a piece of art and to live a more heart-centred life. The world is still a beautiful place; it takes a little effort and change of perspective to find it nowadays. Beauty is there. Imagination is the key to opening the door to a beautiful and colourful world a million miles away from the grey and mundane. Let’s do this!