Sara by Celtic cross

Life Immersed In Forteana and Art

Sara Mondaini is an Artist and natural psychic. Born in Manchester in The UK, She grew up surrounded by spirit and paranormal activity. As she got older her psychic ability increased with age and she also became interested in magic. She is a solitary practitioner and enjoys exploring the spiritual realms and local hinterlands for creative inspiration and connection to that which is unseen.

She likes to create art taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and supernatural. Sara is a multimedia artist in her spare time. She loves to create using various mixed media and styles which also includes using moving pictures and film. Sara has a YouTube channel which covers Fortean and mysteries. She co hosts a weekly show called Hocus Focus with Beyond Room 313 which you can find on her channel and Beyond Room 313. She also has a blog

Why Forteana

Looking at life immersed in Forteana and art makes life rich and interesting. Life is full of the paranormal, supernatural and the magical which she wouldn’t have any other way.

Creativity is a gift given to us at a soul level. It allows us to remember where we came from and who we are. To communicate our imagination through symbols, pictures and stories into this physical reality. Imagination is the bridge that allows us to reach into the no-thing and search all possibilities. It breaks through boundaries and restrictions placed upon us. Enabling us to travel from this world into other realms of consciousness.

Through creativity, the heart, the hand and the pen come together as one to create something that is literally out of this world.

The Old Ways

Sara’s dhama is to inspire others to live a more creative life and encourage people not to fear the hidden creative within, but to nurture it. Treat it as you would a child learning. Continually encourage the inner artist to break free and express itself. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, wonky lines or making a mess. When you let go you will be amazed at what comes out. Paint, draw, write and produce as though nobody is watching! It’s liberating.

She is an advocate of preserving the old world and honouring our ancestors through stories and folklore. Creating and recording our own mono-myths that bring hope and inspiration for generations to come. Lighting the way by showing that there is always a way,

The world is a beautiful place; it takes a little effort and a change of perspective to find it nowadays. Beauty is there. Imagination is the key to opening doors to a colourful world a million miles away from the grey and mundane. Let’s do this!


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