Hocus Focus Happy 1st Birthday

Hocus Focus logo

Hocus Focus is one year old!! So get ready as we emerge from our mid-season break on Sunday, 21st January 2024, with an all-new, improved production. A New Look Hocus Focus is the popular Sunday night YouTube show that attracts people interested in high strangeness. My co-host, Thomas Sheridan, and I put in a lot […]

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My Journey Into The World & Sound And Vision

A crow making sound and vision

To document my progress and share my thoughts, I decided to use the diary section of my blog. It feels more personal and intimate, and I think it’s a better way to connect with my subscribers. I’ve also made the decision to open up the comments on my blog. This is because I’d much rather interact with my readers on my own platform than feed Mark Zuckerberg’s empire on Facebook.

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The Mystical Origins of Tarot

A Game of Tarocchini The mystical origins of the tarot is a story as mysterious as the cards themselves. The story goes that the tarot’s origins go back to the bustling streets of medieval Italy–to the cities of Venice, Milan, Florence and Urbino. The cards were not for divination but for games like Tarocchini which […]

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Fancy Mancy Part 2

mancy, garden with galaxy sky

Back in ancient times, especially in rural areas, seers would have to be creative and use what they had to hand as divination tools. In the previous post, I went through a few of the more creative forms of ancient divination methods. Many of which are still practiced today. In this post I am going […]

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Fancy Mancy Part 1

crow on fence post mancy

There are many different ways for divination of the future. The more well known ones being The Tarot, oracle cards, tea leaves, crystal balls etc. Divination methods go way back to ancient time and there are some very unusual forms of mancy that our ancestors used. Many relied on things which understandably to the unseeing […]

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What Are Ghosts?

Girl surrounded by ghosts

Ghosts are not a supernatural phenomenon, they are part of the natural world and there are different types of these spectral apparitions. Ghosts, spirits and otherworldly entities are all around us. They share the same space but vibrate at a different frequency from us in the material world. So for many people, they go unseen. […]

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Prince Autumn

The Prince of Autumn is a distinguished man. His hair and beard are peppered with grey and he has lines on his face. He wears a cloak of autumnal reds, greens, browns and yellows. He looks good and he stands tall and robust. In his hand, he carries a horn.

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