Prince Autumn

The Prince of Autumn is a distinguished man. His hair and beard are peppered with grey and he has lines on his face. He wears a cloak of autumnal reds, greens, browns and yellows. He looks good and he stands tall and robust. In his hand, he carries a horn.

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Longdendale Lights & The B-29 Superfortress

The wreckage at the top of the moor is captured in a psychic freeze, left to battle the elements and entropy. Bleaklow is not for the fainthearted. It can be a gruelling and dangerous walk in bad weather. Hikers and visitors constantly coming into difficulties not accounting for how quick the weather can turn and the terrain can change. It’s hauntingly beautiful up there and it’s taken the B-29 Superfortress into it’s heart where it lies suspended in time along with the mysterious Longdendale lights

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The Brain Can’t Tell The Difference

The brain can’t tell the difference between whether we are physically doing something or thinking about it. It produces the same chemicals and synapse patterns when we do both. Try it now. Think about something that makes you nervous. Going to the dentist for example. I bet it doesn’t feel a million miles away from […]

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The Strength Of A Mountain

The strength of a mountain

During a meditation recently I saw a mountain standing tall in front of me. I sat in the stillness of my mind and wondered what this image was telling me. The strength of a mountain is what came to the forefront. A mountain is strong and overwhelming. I wrote about strength in vulnerability when I […]

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The Butterfly and The Flower

Butterfly on my flowers

The Butterfly And The Flower I was sitting in the garden watching a beautiful butterfly go about its business on my verbenas. I walked up to take a picture of the butterfly on the flower and it allowed me to get really close. It wasn’t bothered by my presence. It just carried on regardless, gracefully […]

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Painting Setbacks

I started practising a new technique yesterday with acrylics and acrylic mediums. The subject is still life and I’m painting a realistic interpretation of it, using my brushes to paint the shapes and tonalism to create natural shadows and layer upon layer to create texture. I’ve never painted this way before and so it’s a completely new style to me.

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Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky is one of my favourite modern artists. I adore his art and I can stare at a piece for hours and hear music coming from it. I loose myself in the colours, shapes and composition. Kandinsky is said to have synaesthesia which meant he could see colours when he listened to music. He […]

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My Art Tuition with Neil Hague

I decided to invest in myself and take private one to one art sessions with Neil Hague. I wanted to improve my techniques and also learn how to get the ideas inside my head out onto paper. Neil Hague is an established artist, illustrator and author. I am a big believer that if you are […]

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Rabbit Daubings

rabbit sketch on quilted background

Fabric scraps hand-stitched sketch. I talked in an earlier blog post about the importance of keeping a journal for ideas. This is from my journal of ideas and inspirations. Sometimes even the most basic rabbit daubings can take on a life all of their own. This was a rough sketch of a rabbit onto a […]

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