Inner Validation The Power Within

Inner validation of the self

In a recent episode of Hocus Focus, I talked about my rereading the Harry Potter book series. This set me thinking a lot about the insights we can gain from our experiences of navigating a world that may not fully understand or appreciate our perspectives, much like the characters in the books who also live in a world that does not share their magical perceptions and way of life.

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The Mystical Origins of Tarot

A Game of Tarocchini The mystical origins of the tarot is a story as mysterious as the cards themselves. The story goes that the tarot’s origins go back to the bustling streets of medieval Italy–to the cities of Venice, Milan, Florence and Urbino. The cards were not for divination but for games like Tarocchini which […]

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Fancy Mancy Part 2

mancy, garden with galaxy sky

Back in ancient times, especially in rural areas, seers would have to be creative and use what they had to hand as divination tools. In the previous post, I went through a few of the more creative forms of ancient divination methods. Many of which are still practiced today. In this post I am going […]

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Fancy Mancy Part 1

crow on fence post mancy

There are many different ways for divination of the future. The more well known ones being The Tarot, oracle cards, tea leaves, crystal balls etc. Divination methods go way back to ancient time and there are some very unusual forms of mancy that our ancestors used. Many relied on things which understandably to the unseeing […]

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What Are Ghosts?

Girl surrounded by ghosts

Ghosts are not a supernatural phenomenon, they are part of the natural world and there are different types of these spectral apparitions. Ghosts, spirits and otherworldly entities are all around us. They share the same space but vibrate at a different frequency from us in the material world. So for many people, they go unseen. […]

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The Brain Can’t Tell The Difference

The brain can’t tell the difference between whether we are physically doing something or thinking about it. It produces the same chemicals and synapse patterns when we do both. Try it now. Think about something that makes you nervous. Going to the dentist for example. I bet it doesn’t feel a million miles away from […]

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The Strength Of A Mountain

The strength of a mountain

During a recent meditation session, I was confronted with the image of a towering mountain standing before me. As I sat in stillness, I pondered the significance of this symbol and what it was trying to communicate to me. What came to the forefront was the notion of strength. A mountain is a symbol of […]

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The Butterfly and The Flower

Butterfly on my flowers

The Butterfly And The Flower I was sitting in the garden watching a beautiful butterfly go about its business on my verbenas. I walked up to take a picture of the butterfly on the flower and it allowed me to get really close. It wasn’t bothered by my presence. It just carried on regardless, gracefully […]

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