Charles Fort

Charles Fort

Charles Fort-The Inspiration And Namesake Behind Modern Forteana

Charles Fort was an incredible person and his work has left a lasting impact not only on myself but also on the world of paranormal research. I am fascinated by his approach to investigating and documenting strange and unexplained phenomena. He was an American writer and researcher who lived from 1874 to 1932. He is best known for his books The Book of the Damned and New Lands. In which he collects reports of odd events and phenomena from around the world. Fort’s work inspired a whole field of study known as Fortean, which seeks to explore and explain the unknown.

What made Fort’s work unique was his approach to investigating and documenting strange phenomena. Rather than accepting established scientific explanations or dismissing reports as hoaxes, he collected a vast range of reports. Catologing inexplicable occurrences such as showers of fish, frogs, and other objects falling from the sky, strange aerial lights and objects and reports of spontaneous human combustion.

A Man True To Himself

His cheeky and humourous writing style is a breath of fresh air. He was famous for his criticisms of the scientific establishment and their narrow-mindedness when it came to investigating mysteries of the unknown. He saw himself as an outsider, a damned individual who was rejected by the scientific community for daring to explore strange occurrences and circumstances.

His work was considered controversial and he was often dismissed as a crank or even a lunatic. However, his ideas and methods have continued to influence and inspire many researchers and writers in the fields of paranormal and strange phenomena. Forteana has grown into a wide area of study, covering everything from cryptozoology to UFO research, and it remains a fascinating and often overlooked area of investigation.

 Fort was insistent that the world is full of phenomena that don’t fit into the neat little boxes of established scientific view points. He believed this represented gaps in our understanding by exploring we could get a deeper understanding into the nature of the universe.

Fortean Times

Fortean Times is a British magazine that was first published in 1973. It is dedicated to exploring and investigating bizzare phenomena and the unexplained. It takes its name from Charles Fort. The magazine has played an important role in keeping the spirit of Charles Fort’s work alive, and its continued success is proof  of the fascination that people have with the strange and unexplained.

More of A Critical Thinker Than Most Of His Critics

Some have accused him of a lack of critical thinking and having a tendency to accept reports without adequate investigation. However, I would argue that an important aspect of critical thinking is to be brave enough to ask those “awkward” questions in areas where others refuse visit.  There is so much we don’t understand about the world, and we must remain open to new ways of exploring and explaining those wonderful mysteries of the universe.

His work continues to inspire my life and inspire Fortean writers. Always keep an open mind and never completely dismiss reports of strange phenomena just because “the trust the science types” or the “know-it-all in the pub” says it’s rubbish. If you enjoy fortean topics don’t forget to check out Hocus Focus with myself and Thomas Sheridan every Sunday night on YouTube at 8pm UK/Irish time.

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