High Strangeness A Plenty In The New Hocus Focus Book

High Strangeness Ahoy! Thomas Sheridan and I have been collaborating on a book to complement our show Hocus Focus: Merging Forteana, Hauntology, and High Strangeness.

This book aims to provide our readers with a unique fortean perspective on life. It explores well-known cases from a deeper angle. We look into the concept of hauntology, looking at instances from the past, in particular, the 60s and 70s. Which when looked at from a contemporary view, have significantly influenced future Fortean thinkers. 

Our book explores a wide range of high strangeness from land, sea, water, and air, including cases considered hoaxes. We focus on the importance of understanding the motivations behind such hoaxes.

We also provide recommendations on incorporating fortean perspectives into your everyday life to help you live a more enriched and magical existence. It’s a practical manual and road map for living a more fortean existance. 

Join Us at The Mysterious Earth Conference for the Book Launch

We will launch the book at The Mysterious Earth Conference, hosted by Neil McDonald of Neil McDonald’s Megalithic Tours in St. Anne’s, Lancashire, UK, on September 7th and 8th. Thomas will also present his work with Neil McDonald on Bérenger Saunière, Priest Wizard of Rennes-le-Château. He will also be the event’s master of ceremonies on Sunday. There is an exciting lineup of engaging speakers for the whole weekend.

The Mysterious Earth Conference is always a great time. As well as its amazing speakers, there are stalls where you can purchase rare books, jewellery, crystals, and artwork. On Saturday night, we all usually gather for a drink and enjoy the evening.

So, if you’re interested in attending the Mysterious Earth conference in September, meeting Thomas and me, and being one of the first to purchase a signed copy of our book Hocus Focus: Merging Forteana, Hauntology and High Strangeness before its general release on the 10th September, you can find the booking information and more details about the event here

Hope to see you there

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If you enjoy fortean and occult topics don’t forget to check out Hocus Focus with myself and Thomas Sheridan on the first Sunday of every month on YouTube at 8pm UK/Irish time.

"Thomas Sheridan and Sara Mondaini launching Hocus Focus: Merging Forteana, Hauntology and High Strangeness at the Mysterious Earth Conference

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