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Inner validation of the self

The Depth of Fictional Worlds

In a recent episode of Hocus Focus, I discussed my rereading of the Harry Potter book series. This set me thinking a lot about the insights we can gain from our experiences navigating a world that may not fully understand or appreciate our perspectives, much like the characters in the books, who also live in a world that does not share their magical perceptions and way of life.

As you get further into the books, and especially by book three, The Prisoner Of Azkaban, they are a darker and more nuanced portrayal compared to the films, with many allegories and metaphors that resonate with the experience of thinking differently to society and having to deal with NPCs. In the books, you have the opportunity to imagine the characters for yourself, rather than having their portrayal influenced by the actors in the film adaptations.

The Strength in Solitude

I don’t venture too far out into mainstream environments unless I have to. For me this is not a sign of embarrassment. It’s saying, ‘I don’t need to explain myself to strangers.’ This approach is less draining and much less of a hassle than not maintaining privacy. Your unique magical perspective is often misunderstood by those who rely solely on their five senses. But it is a gift, it brings a richness to your life, a depth and wonder that is uniquely yours. It is a reflection of your experiences, insights, and connections to the spiritual, ancestral and metaphysical realms. You should honour and celebrate your magical perspective, even if others do not fully understand or appreciate it, as their lack of understanding or appreciation does not by any way shape or form invalidate it.

Inner Validation

Looking for validation from others is a fruitless exercise, not least because it’s not necessary. Instead, focus on the validation that comes from within yourself. From living in alignment with your truth and values, regardless of external approval. This type of self-reliance and independent thought strengthens resolve and a sense of self. Living authentically doesn’t necessarily mean concealing your true self or conforming to societal norms to fit in. It’s more about being strategic and choosy in expressing your unique perspective. This includes things like confiding in trusted friends and family members and connecting with like-minded individuals online. It especially requires discretion in professional and social settings where your beliefs might not be welcomed or understood.

Practitioners of the occult, magicians, witches, and pagans often keep their practices private for a reason. They exercise discernment and discretion when sharing their beliefs with the outside world. When the pressures of mainstream society become overwhelming, incorporate soul-nourishing practices into your daily routine. These practices can include being alone for a while, retreating at home, spending time with like-minded people who understand you, spending time in nature, or any other activities that bring you peace and fulfilment. When you find peace within yourself, despite societal pressures, you experience a sense of calm and contentment. This is also a great antidote to being swept away by the next current thing.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, this is basically how I live my life.
    I rarely venture out into mainstream anything and I find the small amount of interaction that I have isn’t very enjoyable.
    The older I get the more I appreciate and love my own small world..small in area and location but vast in an internal way 💕.
    The past few years has seen me become even more selective in who I interact with and those who I form friendships with.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter book series, they are so well written and as I progressed through the books I could clearly see that the author was taking her readers on an inward journey of self exploration.
    I’m sure that many people read these books and took no such meaning from them, entertainment purposes only, read through and cast aside with a “well that was”.
    Meanwhile others read and reread the series and the deeper meanings of these books came to the surface to be clearly seen.

  2. Very wise words. I totally share similar approach towards the external world 🙂

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