Inspiration And How It Finds Me

Girl holding the planets in her hand
Girl holding the planets in her hand

When I’m looking for inspiration for a piece of art I have many places that I call on for help.

Want Versus Need

If I “need” to create a piece of work my mind tends to become analytical. I look at it with the same mind I would approach a problem. For me, I can’t focus on artistic inspiration this way. I have to let go of rationality and reality and open myself up to all possibilities.

If I want to create a piece of art, then that is a different approach. I can spend days, weeks, even months waiting for inspiration to strike. The moment I let go, ideas drop into my mind. Usually on waking up or when I’m busy focusing on other things.


Sometimes I use my tarot cards for inspiration. They help me identify blocks preventing me from moving forward and how to approach them. I don’t use my cards in the hopes they will tell me what to do. They help me identify new possibilities, energies around me and archetypes that could be useful or hold me back.


Going outside in nature also helps me to become inspired. My mind’s open to suggestions as I’m busy admiring the woods and the river, feeling grateful to be walking in them. I do a lot of my best writing while sitting outside in nature with a pen and a notebook. Writing also helps me to find ideas for my next piece of textile art. I’m a visual artist but also like to create with words. I often find that one complements the other. Which is one of the reasons for creating this blog.


When in a dry spell, I try and create something small. I’ll draw, stitch or write as often as I can. Then I go back to all the daubings and ramblings to see if there is anything there I can use. If I’ve no idea what to write, I dump whatever’s in my mind on paper. I then carry on until I’m in the flow and take inspiration from there.


To live an inspired life means to be in Spirit or in tune with the presence of the Higher Self within you. I take a lot of inspiration from spirit and will often call on them for assistance. To ask that they help me to be in the right place at the right time. To keep my mind clear for inspiration to strike. I get ideas in my mind’s eye or hear an idea in my head. It’s a similar experience to when you’re reading something in your head.

Dress Sense

Even the way I dress helps me to create. My style’s a bit eclectic. Sometimes I’m in a kooky dress or top that somebody else probably wouldn’t be seen dead in. Other times I’m in a pair of jeans and a jumper. Crazy as it sounds when I’m in my colourful clothes I get a lot of ideas for textile art. Yet when I’m in my usual jeans and comfy sweater I can write much better. I can’t create anything when restricted by uncomfortable clothes such as suits and power dressing that’s just not me.

Being My Authentic Self

If I’m feeling comfortable, I feel calm and that’s when the ideas flow. From clothing to spirit and everything in between. This is what moves me and I don’t fight it. I have my notebook to hand at all times. I always look for beauty in the mundane as well as in the mysterious. This is what feeds the artistic side of me.

See you soon

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