My Art Tuition with Neil Hague

I decided to invest in myself and take private one to one art sessions with Neil Hague. I wanted to improve my techniques and also learn how to get the ideas inside my head out onto paper.

Neil Hague is an established artist, illustrator and author. I am a big believer that if you are going to learn something then always be taught by the best. So that is what I did.

I first discovered Neil through his amazing artwork in many of David Ickes’s books. I connected with him on Facebook back in 2010 and found that we have the same perspectives and views on a lot of things.

So when I found out that Neil was offering one to one art tuition I decided to go for it. I knew straight away that this would be perfect for me. I was quite nervous but I absolutely knew in my heart that was this was right. After an initial zoom call to discuss what I wanted to achieve, he set about compiling a course tailored for me.

Course Content

During the first part of the course, I learnt about using contour lines in drawing, gestural drawing, chiaroscuro (tonal work) and using secondary reference material such as photos and pictures. Neil has a very calming nature and it makes you feel very relaxed too.

We then went on to learn about creating generic faces and figures. Applying perspective to drawings, learning about vanishing points, horizons, distances, golden sections, making compositions by truncating objects, no stone was left unturned and every Friday I would soak up this knowledge like a sponge.

As I went through the course I was taught about how to use different media, which papers and sketchbooks to use for different media, which brushes and techniques for different types of paint and effects. We also went through some colour theory.

We then moved on to the more metaphysical side of creativity and did some exercises using sound and meditation to tap into our consciousness and see what we brought forward on the paper.

Finally, I got to see how Neil sets up his space for painting and he talked me through what goes through his mind as he’s creating. It is an absolute honour to be allowed to see another artist at work especially when it was a piece he is currently working on.

A New Perspective

This course has been invaluable to me. Neil made me feel very comfortable. I found my flow and started creating work that I have surprised myself with. My confidence has soared and I have discovered that I love painting in acrylics. I no longer allow thoughts of making a mistake stop me from making my first marks on the paper now. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about the freedom to express yourself without limitations. To love what you create and fearlessly bring into view that which is unseen.

I show up in front of my sketchbook regularly and I create something. I don’t know where it’s going to take me but I am enjoying the journey so much. It’s raised my vibration and made me feel excited. I’m looking at things with a new perspective, with vigour and passion. This lion’s art sleeps no more!

You can check out Neil’s website here for more information about art tuition and see the wonderful work he produces.

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