Preserving Sanity Amidst Global Chaos

Time’s Accelerated Pace

Preserving sanity amidst global chaos is certainly a challenge. The world feels like a runaway rollercoaster right now, and it has to me for the last four years. Time has moved so fast that it feels like we’ve jumped timelines, with each year from 2020 blending into the next. I can’t easily discern where one-year ends and another begins. Before 2020, I could look back over a year and remember specific times and events that marked the seasons. Listening to 80’s music, you hear a song and are instantly transported back to a place and time, knowing exactly when it was. Now, there are no markers to trigger memories of the last four years. They have all blended seamlessly into each other, with only the subsequent psyop or latest bandwagon changing. 

Memories are replaced by a continuous blur of uncertainty and upheaval.  The constant barrage of global crises, shifting narratives, and social movements has created disorientation. Each new event, whether the pandemic, political turmoil, or societal upheaval, seemed to erase the impact of the previous one. It’s become increasingly difficult to pinpoint when specific things happened or to recall the order of events. It puts me in mind Frank Darabont’s 2007 movie The Mist based on the novella by Stephen King. Trying to survive the cosmic horrors outside, some denying they even exist. Trying to find a saviour in a thick fog where everything appears vague and indistinguishable. But like Darabont’s movie, waiting until things become clearer is much better than rushing into the mist to be a virtuous hero. You never know whose food you are going to become.

Preparing for Potential World Conflict

Personally, I avoid these distractions like the plague. I’ve learned to steer clear of the endless cycles of fear and hysteria that dominate the news and social media. Instead, I focus on grounding myself in my immediate environment and routines. I’ve found solace in simple, consistent activities like writing, reading, painting, and spending time with family. I’ve managed to preserve some semblance of normalcy and mental clarity. Detaching from noise and focusing on what matters to me, I’ve gone through these turbulent times with peace of mind. 

Now, as we stand on the precipice of a potential world war, I reflect on the last four years and how we’ve reached this point. In doing so, I realise how fast time has become and how relentlessly the powers that be have pursued their globalist agenda. Looking back, I wonder how I managed to navigate one crisis after another without falling for the lies. Sometimes, I lie awake and question if I had to do it all again, will I get sucked in? I experience imposter syndrome, questioning my courage to overcome these challenges. Did we go through all that, or am I imagining it was worse than it was?

Election Theatrics

Today is the day of the general election in the UK. In my view, it feels like a theatrical performance. I see people becoming passionate and engaging in social media campaigns, believing that their vote will be the solution to all their problems. When did any political party fulfil its promises during election time? They only care about winning your support when they need it. The rest of the time, they focus only on serving their own interests and the agendas of their superiors. Not only a cashless society is looming, but a remorseless one is already here.

I am detaching myself once again. I’ll continue to stay informed about current events, but I have decided not to invest myself or engage in arguments about them emotionally. I will focus on life and responsibilities and not becoming swept away by the hysteria online and on TV. This helps me maintain my sanity. I must prioritise my well-being and not rely on others to save me. I find online spaces particularly toxic, with individuals expressing exaggerated opinions. All from behind their screens, feeding the digital djinn and creating an overwhelming environment.

Preserving Sanity Amidst Global Chaos

As the world becomes more chaotic, I remain true to my commitment to shield my home from negativity, taking each day as it comes. It feels like a pervasive spiritual energy has gripped the planet, yet those who resisted its influence have managed to endure. This energy seemed to feed on the weakness of individuals and those who succumbed to its pull. Dealing with the turmoil and not making permanent decisions during temporary circumstances will once again undoubtedly prove to be a saving grace for many. A perfect example of this is not rushing to take an experimental state injection to go on holiday. We are certainly seeing the consequences of that decision now.

Some may scoff at the notion of a spiritual or extraterrestrial presence infiltrating our world, but when one takes a moment to observe and reflect on the events of the past four years, it’s hard to deny that something feels amiss. Individuals of unstable and dangerous mindsets are pulling rank and chaos is here.

Resisting Influence in Troubled Times

The road ahead will be rough, with people trying to drag you into various ideologies. There are more ideologies now than ever, and they all have something in common aside from being completely psychotic. It’s lack of longevity; they come and go. Pushed on the people through influencers, celebrities, the workplace, institutions, and the seemingly innocuous box in the corner of the living room.

I appreciate films and box sets, but I avoid live TV. We do not own a TV license, and my household only uses our TV to watch DVDs and stream content. I’ve noticed that when I’m in environments where the TV is on, I can feel its mesmerising effect. Not watching TV regularly has made me more aware of the underlying influence that TV networks use to shape people’s thoughts and behaviours subtly.

Similarly, social media can be overwhelming, as it attracts toxicity from all angles. It’s easy to get drawn in if you’re not mindful, and before you realise it, you’re in the midst of a heated debate with a stranger in a comment section. Speaking out or going against popular online trends often results in facing a barrage of personal attacks. It all feels unsettling, and if it’s not a form of black magic, then I don’t know what is.

Finding Peace in Simple Pursuits

You can usually find me in my cosy home office, surrounded by my favourite books and a warm cup of tea, immersed in the creative process of writing and brainstorming new ideas. If I’m not there, I’m most likely in my kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and making something tasty to enjoy. While these may seem like simple pursuits to some, for me, they are essential in creating a nurturing and inspiring environment within the sanctuary of my home. I’ve come to realise that I find true contentment in cultivating my creativity and finding joy in the little things, rather than getting caught up in the rat race of trying to climb corporate ladders. It’s a peaceful and fulfilling way to live, and I have no interest in keeping up with societal pressures or comparing myself to The Joneses’ who are probably on their ninth booster by now anyway!

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