Rabbit Daubings

rabbit sketch on quilted background

Fabric scraps hand-stitched sketch.

I talked in an earlier blog post about the importance of keeping a journal for ideas. This is from my journal of ideas and inspirations. Sometimes even the most basic rabbit daubings can take on a life all of their own.

rabbit sketch on quilted background

This was a rough sketch of a rabbit onto a piece of calico that I previously quilted. The rabbit and flower stems were hand-stitched using embroidery floss. I then added hand-sewn poppies to the stems.

To make it look more abstract I hand stitched some torn burlap and lace ribbon around the edges. This gave it the rustic feel that I was looking for.

It’s made from fabric scraps leftover from other projects. Every crumb of fabric is the building block for something new.

I was thinking about springtime when the rabbit came to mind. I can’t wait to be able to do my work out in the garden again in the warmer weather. Rabbits symbolise fertility like the birth of new ideas and new life. Here’s to the birth of fabulous new ideas for everyone this year.

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