The Brain Can’t Tell The Difference

The brain can’t tell the difference between whether we are physically doing something or thinking about it. It produces the same chemicals and synapse patterns when we do both. Try it now. Think about something that makes you nervous. Going to the dentist for example. I bet it doesn’t feel a million miles away from […]

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The Strength Of A Mountain

The strength of a mountain

During a meditation recently I saw a mountain standing tall in front of me. I sat in the stillness of my mind and wondered what this image was telling me. The strength of a mountain is what came to the forefront. A mountain is strong and overwhelming. I wrote about strength in vulnerability when I […]

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Painting Setbacks

I started practising a new technique yesterday with acrylics and acrylic mediums. The subject is still life and I’m painting a realistic interpretation of it, using my brushes to paint the shapes and tonalism to create natural shadows and layer upon layer to create texture. I’ve never painted this way before and so it’s a completely new style to me.

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