The Butterfly and The Flower

Butterfly on my flowers
The Butterfly and The Flower

The Butterfly And The Flower

I was sitting in the garden watching a beautiful butterfly go about its business on my verbenas. I walked up to take a picture of the butterfly on the flower and it allowed me to get really close. It wasn’t bothered by my presence. It just carried on regardless, gracefully and in peace.

At first glance the butterfly seemed so exposed in the garden, swaying on the flower with me towering behind it. The butterfly didn’t perceive it this way though. The butterfly was happy doing what it had set about to do this day. It wasn’t going to let my being there get in the way. He was enjoying the 360-degree view with nothing but the sky above and the wind beneath his wings.

Vulnerability is not a Weakness

This made me think about vulnerability. Not in the sense of exposure to danger, but the vulnerability of trusting rather than fearing. Trust in our own instincts to tell us of outside threats rather than relying on people or authority outside ourselves to tell us this.

Using our natural given instincts to trust means we spend more time enjoying the beauty of life and our surroundings. Being able to appreciate the butterfly on a flower, the blue sky, the last days of summer, and the sun in the sky. We can really go within and trust.

Relying on others to tell us their perceived threats means we go around in a state of fight or flight mode. Our instincts and intuition become dull and out of tune, relying on something else to be our early warning system. We are on guard all the time waiting for the next big thing to be afraid of. Instead of living in the now and smelling the glorious fresh coffee aroma of life.

Open And Honest

Being more vulnerable allows us to take chances and risks with the truth of who we are and what we stand for. (Or won’t stand for). Allowing that to shine out and reverberate into a world that needs more vulnerability of being true to ourselves. Freeing ourselves from the conditioned thoughts and fears of others. As well as the conditioned thoughts and fears we have about what others think of us.

The butterfly didn’t care whether I thought it was beautiful or not. It was too busy being a butterfly to care what I think. Be more like a butterfly and don’t be afraid to trust and open yourself to potential ridicule or criticism. It doesn’t hurt. It’s quite liberating.

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