The Fool And His Journey Begins

Ryder Waite Tarot cards
The Fool- Ryder Waite Tarot

The Spirit of The Fool

The Fool card in the tarot symbolises a fresh start, representing endless possibilities and new beginnings. The card symbolises a blank canvas full of unlimited options, ready for you to bring into existence through your will. The Fool reminds us of the importance of moving on from the past and fills us with excitement for what lies ahead.

The Imagery of The Fool

In the Rider-Waite deck, The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff, looking upward towards the sky. He carries a small pouch, a white rose in his left hand, and a wand in his right. His colourful clothes are rich with symbolism, representing various parts of his journey:

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Fool stands on the edge of a precipice. He has one foot extended, about to enter the unknown, and gazes at the sky with curiosity and wonder. He holds a small bag in his left hand, symbolising past experiences and wisdom to bring for the journey ahead. In his right hand, he holds a wand, representing the power of creation and possibility. His colourful, patchwork clothes are also rich with symbolism, each colour and pattern reflecting different facets of his journey and the many experiences he has encountered in life.

  • Yellow Circles on the Cloak: This represents his previous completed journeys, and the flames symbolise his spirit.
  • Yellow Elements: His yellow hair and boots connect him to the universe and the breath or the bellows of life, expressing “as above, so below” and the totality of existence.
  • Red Feather: represents the fool’s life force
  • The Sun: Shining at a 45-degree angle, the sun continuously shines on The Fool, energising him throughout all his adventures.
  • Green Wreath: Signifies growth, gained wisdom, and the absorption of the sun’s life energy
  • Black Cloak: His potential to shed ignorance and use it as protection when necessary.
  • The Cliff Edge: Standing on the precipice of a new phase in life

Life’s Infinite Possibilities

The fool stands precariously close to the edge of a cliff, with just one step left before he tumbles over. This single step shows us that there are no limits to the possibilities we can explore. At his side, a small white dog, a symbol of his intellect, accompanies him. The dog’s obedient and well-trained nature suggests that while we should use our intellect, we shouldn’t allow it to dominate or control our actions.

Tools of The Fool

  • Magic Wand: Represents occult knowledge and the ability to direct one’s will into new ventures and this also appears on the Magician card.
  • Red Purse: Contains wisdom and memories from past adventures.
  • White Rose: Symbolises innocence and the desire to embark on new, unknown paths with passion and purity. The thorns remind us of past challenges and the growth they inspire.

The Fool in the Tree of Life

In the mystical tradition of Kabbalah, The Fool occupies the first pathway of the Tree of Life, representing the transition from Kether (the crown) to Chokmah (wisdom). This placement signifies the journey of the Fool from the realm of pure potential (Kether) to the realm of active intellect (Chokmah), moving from the state of creation to that of enlightenment. The card’s element is air, and it does have an associated zodiac sign. It is linked to Uranus, the planet of independence, innovation, and individuality.

The Fool in a Tarot Reading

When The Fool card appears in a tarot reading, it signifies the start of a new and exciting journey. Like any new adventure, there’s a mix of emotions – the thrill of the unknown and the apprehension of the unexpected. The fool advises you to welcome this new path with an open mind and a light heart, allowing intuition and experience to guide you and not be stifled by overthinking or excessive caution. This is the time for accepting all possibilities and letting go of inhibitions.

Despite outward appearances, the fool carries deep wisdom inside him. He fearlessly ventures off the well-trodden path, understanding that meaningful change often means taking risks and facing the unknown. Unaffected by societal norms and routines, he sees through the facades that society presents. Although many may superficially view him as foolish, the truth is that his nature shows a profound depth that goes beyond the perceived foolishness.

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