The Strength Of A Mountain

The strength of a mountain

During a meditation recently I saw a mountain standing tall in front of me. I sat in the stillness of my mind and wondered what this image was telling me. The strength of a mountain is what came to the forefront.

A mountain is strong and overwhelming. I wrote about strength in vulnerability when I watched the butterfly in my garden. The strength of a mountain is more tangible. You can see it. A butterfly is vulnerable to the elements, but the mountain is not. It stands there quietly and impenetrable no matter what comes towards it.

People climb mountains and say they conquered them. You can not conquer a mountain though. If it doesn’t want you on its side it can cause landslides and avalanches whenever it needs. It doesn’t allow unwanted external influences.

As I thought about this I realised what the image in my mind was telling me. Not to react to external influences beyond what is right for me. To be aware but not to live in fear. It’s okay to be afraid but not to live there. To be a rock for myself and others at this time.

A mountain can not be moved. It stands in its sovereignty. So if you are standing tall in your truth, don’t let the opinions of others sway you into doing something you don’t want to do. Don’t be coerced or bullied or manipulated into anything you don’t want to do or don’t feel right about.

It takes strength and resolve to walk against the crowd. You may need to create avalanches to shrug off the current zeitgeist. A mountain has seen many zeitgeists come and go. It still stands tall and shakes its head at those who think they can conquer it.

Stand firm, stand tall and stay grounded.

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