The Strength Of A Mountain

The strength of a mountain
The strength of a mountain

During a recent meditation session, I was confronted with the image of a towering mountain standing before me. As I sat in stillness, I pondered the significance of this symbol and what it was trying to communicate to me. What came to the forefront was the notion of strength.

A mountain is a symbol of strength and resilience. I wrote about strength in vulnerability when I watched a butterfly in my garden. The strength of a mountain is more tangible, whereas the butterfly is vulnerable to the elements, a mountain is impervious to external influences. It stands tall and impenetrable, regardless of what it faces.

People often talk about conquering mountains, but the truth is that you cannot conquer a mountain. It has a will of its own and can unleash avalanches and landslides if it doesn’t want you on its side. It is not influenced by external forces; it is its own sovereign entity.

Reflecting on this image, I realised that it was telling me not to be swayed by external influences beyond what is right for me. To be aware but not live in fear. It’s natural to feel afraid, but we should not allow fear to rule our lives. Instead, we should be a rock for ourselves and others.

A mountain cannot be moved, and it stands in its sovereignty. Similarly, if we stand tall in our truth, we should not let the opinions of others sway us into doing something we don’t want to do. We should not be coerced, bullied, or manipulated into anything that does not feel right.

Walking against the crowd takes strength and resolve. It may require us to create avalanches and shrug off the current zeitgeist. But like a mountain, we must stand tall and stay grounded and should not be swayed by passing fads and trends. After all a mountain has seen many zeitgeists come and go. It still stands tall and shakes its head at those who think they can conquer it.

Be impervious to external influences and stand tall in your sovereignty.

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Strength of a mountain

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