What Are Ghosts?

Girl surrounded by ghosts
Girl surrounded by ghosts

Ghosts are not a supernatural phenomenon, they are part of the natural world and there are different types of these spectral apparitions.

Ghosts, spirits and otherworldly entities are all around us. They share the same space but vibrate at a different frequency from us in the material world. So for many people, they go unseen. But that doesn’t mean they are not there. The space you are in may appear empty but it isn’t. It is completely full of stuff. Radio waves, infrared, various telephone and TV signals, astral projectors, thoughts, telepathic thoughts, spirits, ghosts,

The electromagnetic spectrum describes different kinds of light, including those the human eye cannot see. Most of the light in the universe is invisible to our eyes. Only 0.002% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum is made up of visible light. The other types of light on the spectrum are radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, X-rays and gamma rays. All of these are invisible to the human eye.

Ghosts and spirits are all around us whether a person can see them or not. Just as there are many different types of light on the electromagnetic spectrum, there are also many different types of ghosts and hauntings.

Different Types Of Ghosts And Hauntings


​Residual hauntings can happen when something very traumatic occurs, such as murder, rape or a nasty accident. The Negative energy brought about by the event explodes into the atmosphere and this causes the atmosphere to record the events. Like a video recording or photocopier.

The event plays over and over again very often at the same time and same place. The ghosts we see in this type of haunting are unaware of their surroundings. It’s not the same as a haunting with an active ghost and there is no interaction between it and you. It is the same as watching a film on the screen over and over. It’s a recording on the atmosphere.

Good examples of this type of haunting are the classic hitchhiker on the side of the road or hauntings that include modes of transport such as trains. There are accounts of ghost trains in many different parts of the world. These hauntings show not only the people killed in the event but the actual nuts and bolts of the mechanical train itself.

The Tay Bridge, Dundee

In 1879 on 28th December The Tay Rail bridge in Dundee collapsed as a passenger train went across it. Nobody survived. Many witnesses say every anniversary you can see a brightly lit train coming over the bridge and then disappearing at the centre as though it has plunged down below. 


A part of the northern line is said to be haunted by a phantom steam engine. Between East Finchley station and wellington Sidings. In 1980 a diesel-powered stream train called Nimbus was cut up for scrap metal and people still see it many times along the tracks of Hadley Wood station.

The Abraham Lincoln Funeral Train

Military officials built a train exclusively for Abraham Lincoln for use as transportation and to unify the country after the civil war. They planned on a grand victory tour but Lincoln did not want any part of it. He said the reason is that it will cost too much. But his aides thought there was something else bothering him because Lincoln was known for his deep intuitive abilities.

Eventually, Lincoln agreed to an official visit to the train. It took take place the day of his assassination, so the grand victory tour train became a funeral train instead and travelled from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois with his body and coffin inside

The train now retraces the route on the anniversary of the assassination for all eternity. Witnesses say you know when it’s near because time stands still, watches stop first and then there are the sounds of steam and train wheels. After the sounds, the spotlight and the train come into view. It stops and inside the train are skeleton soldiers watching over the coffin. Some people also report seeing a skeleton band dressed in blue uniforms playing music on the train.

Eventually, the train pulls off and disappears into the distance and witnesses have around eight minutes of time missing. 


The term poltergeist comes from a German name for noisy (polter) ghost (geist) and they certainly are noisy. However, there has been a lot of research that suggests victims of a poltergeist haunting are causing the phenomena themselves through a form of psychokinesis.

The activity usually starts with knocks and bangs, furniture and ornaments starting to move around by themselves, and beds shaking. There can also be voices and manifestations of full apparitions.

Many poltergeist cases usually involve children or teens, especially females. Researchers say some cases seem to be caused by the female unknowingly controlling the energy around herself. Mental psychic energy is put out into the atmosphere which when unchanneled can affect electrical equipment and move objects around.

Usually, one person in the house is more affected by it than anyone else. Most of the activity centres around them. Having said that if it’s not a teenager that is manifesting activity, it could be due to there being several spirits in the place. The spirits appear to use their energy as a group to become strong enough to move larger objects and make more noises.

Many poltergeist cases disappear without any warning, just as easily as they appear. Sometimes days, weeks or years and you may never know the reason that it happens. Most people are just happy to see it go.

Earthbound Ghosts


These ghosts stay around on the Earth Plane for many reasons. They may not be aware they are dead. They go about their day to day lives not realising that they are not part of the physical world anymore. This may have happened if they passed over very suddenly and abruptly. So they haven’t passed over properly and have become stuck here. Eventually, they will be helped along by other spiritual entity guides whose job it is to look out for these souls and help them move on.

Other ghosts may be fearful to cross over for fear that if they do they will no longer exist. They may also believe they are going to be judged for something and prefer to stay in between worlds because of this. Perhaps they have committed a crime or atrocity and they are afraid of judgement and punishment. So they hang around the material world. Fear is a strong emotion that keeps a soul tied to the Earth plane especially if they lived life with strong religious beliefs.

Unfinished Business

There are ghosts who stick around if there is unfinished business. Such as the finding of a will or to see justice if their life was cut short by murder. They may even want to stick around as they think it will help with the grieving process for a loved one left behind. Even the soul who has passed may be grieving for the life they have lost and are not ready to move on. Being attached to things of the world and refusing to let go of them. It could be a home or a place they loved. Hanging around the places but being unable to interact with it.


There are possessive ghosts and these are ones who often stay behind to haunt their house because they do not want outsiders or newcomers taking ownership and finding happiness in what they perceive to still belong to them, even though they have passed. A ghost may stay around because it is possessive of a loved one left behind. Especially an over-possessive spouse who can’t bear the idea of their surviving partner continuing on without them. Or a spurned lover who comes back to attach itself to the source unrequited love during their lifetime.


Disruptive or mischievous ghosts are those who like to hang around here getting great amusement from frightening us. Hiding objects, and money, switching lights on and off or lifting bed covers off, moving furniture, pinching the skin and pulling hair. They get a kick out of causing the disruption. They can’t understand why the living they are affecting don’t find it amusing too.

Behind everyman now alive stands 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.

Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

As someone who grew up in a world of ghostly activity, the veil between this world and the next is surprisingly thin. Understanding the interaction between spirit world and material world is something I wish everyone would open their minds to. For it truly is a magical world when you accept there are more things unseen in existence that are interacting with us. Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts or not.

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